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Thank you for your interest in Strathroy Endodontics! We are proud to bring true excellence in root canal care to the wonderful community of Strathroy, ON and its surrounding areas. Dr. Da Silva has received extensive training from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and specializes in the highest level of root canal treatment, apicoectomy surgeries, dental trauma, emergency treatment, and more. We are dedicated to providing comfortable, personalized, and optimal care to every patient who is welcomed by our caring staff upon entering our facility.

By referring you to our office, your dentist has shown their concern that you receive the finest endodontic care possible. We look forward to working with you!

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Advanced Technology

Our practice uses advanced technology to help you get the most out of your visit here

  • Cone Beam CT: This allows three-dimensional visualization of teeth, bone, sinuses and surrounding structures with minimal radiation to the patient, enabling a level of anatomical accuracy and patient care not possible with 2-D technologies (regular dental x-rays).
  • Surgical Microscopes: Our success depends on us being able to see the minutest of details – you cannot treat what you cannot see. In addition, we have incorporated the latest high definition video allowing us to record our procedures with unequalled clarity and detail.
  • Digital Imaging: Radiographs enable us to detect cavities in between your teeth, determine bone level, and analyze the health of your bone. We can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts or tumors, as well as assess damage when trauma occurs.

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Root Canal Treatment Strathroy ON

If your tooth is infected, a non-surgical root canal (endodontic treatment), is normally all that is needed to promote healing. If you are experiencing swelling or sensitivity to temperature or pain in your tooth or gums due to an injury, Dr. Karen Da Silva is highly trained in performing root canals, one of the most common, fast and routine dental procedures. Call us today to set up an appointment! Strathroy Endodontics Phone Number 519 245 7070

Retreatment Root Canals

When past endodontic treatments fail to heal or pain continues, root canal retreatments are often the best solution, enabling Dr. Karen Da Silva to clean and examine the injured area. She combines cutting-edge technology and premium materials with her unsurpassed expertise to ease your pain and restore your smile. Schedule a consultation with us today! Strathroy Endodontics Phone Number 519 245 7070


For those times when root canals are not adequate care for an infected tooth, an apicoectomy surgery is a common, effective, and straightforward procedure. Also known as root-end resection, an apicoectomy involves removing damaged tissue and the placement of a root-end filling to prevent reinfection and to bolster natural bone healing. We use dental microscopes and digital radiographs for all our procedures to ensure the highest level of surgical care. For more information about apicoectomy surgery, call us today! Strathroy Endodontics Phone Number 519 245 7070

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